Friday, May 4, 2012

Lamborghini Urus Concept

Lamborghini steals the Auto Salon in China with the launch of his new prototype SUV, a model that promises spectacular numbers yet unknown in this vehicle class.

Urus is the name chosen for this car and, like the rest of the names used on the company's history, their origin has a direct relationship with the world of bullfighting, the symbol that adorns the Lamborghini logo.
The Urus (or uro) was a huge wild animal that could be considered the predecessor of fighting bulls and that became extinct in the seventeenth century.

Despite its impressive size and a motor that have at least 600 horsepower, Urus advertised  top of its class  CO2 emissions , thanks in large part to a lightweight construction which is widely used fiber carbon, and other new materials.

The lines of the new Lambo are really impressive and maintain these trapezoidal shapes that identify any model of the brand. Its design, like the Aventador, Gallardo. Is extreme, uncompromising, seeking  the Italian elegance and sensuality, with the strength and lightness inherent in these sports cars.

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